The 9 Best Flamingo Books for Kids

Flamingos are fascinating creatures. They’ve captivated children’s imaginations with their bright, vibrant colors and graceful nature for generations – but they’re more in style now than ever before. That’s why flamingo books for kids are flying off the shelves and into the hands of young readers in record numbers worldwide. 

If the little flamingo lover in your life is reaching out for the pink on the page at bedtime, it pays to have the right publication to hand. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the 9 best flamingo books for kids. 

From funny stories, to beautiful tales with strong meanings, to non-fiction titles that capture the extravagance of our feathered friends in their natural habitat, you’ll find the perfect match below. Let’s get one leg up, put our heads in the water, and fish like a flamingo for the perfect flamingo books for kids!

1. A Very Special Flamingo

By Thomas George

Thomas George’s “A Very Special Flamingo” is a children’s book that takes an unusual, yet refreshing, look at the concept of happiness. It’s one of the newest flamingo books for kids out there – published in early 2023 – but it’s already proving to be among the most popular. With illustrations from Sandra Unterkircher, young readers follow Hans-Peter the Flamingo on a journey of self-acceptance: from his home on the cold river, in the grey town, on the green island, to a place he can finally call home. 

Why is “A Very Special Flamingo” the Best Flamingo Book for Kids?

Your little ones will love this book’s heartwarming message.

A heart-warming story about finding your place in the world and celebrating the things which make us special. ‘A Very Special Flamingo’ is the perfect bedtime story for little ones — and beautifully illustrated, too. Children and adults alike will enjoy following Hans-Peter on his adventure through the forest, the snowy mountains and across the salty sea. Highly recommended! 

– Caitlin Hughes

2. Frank the Farting Flamingo

by Humor Heals Us

“Frank the Farting Flamingo” is a hilarious story that sets it apart from some more traditional flamingo books for kids. Frank is a little flamingo with a big problem: flatulence. He just can’t seem to control his farts. This leads to some embarrassing situations for Frank as the story progresses, but it’s not all bad news. With the help of his friends, Frank explains that it’s all just natural, and learns not to be ashamed of who he is. With colorful, funny illustrations (including the magnificent front cover) this book is a firm favorite with kids and adults alike.

Why is “Frank the Farting Flamingo” a Funny Flamingo Book for Kids?

Your kids will love the silly humor

Have been trying to find different books for my kids to read, and thought I would give this one a try! My 8yr old doesn’t mind reading, but she loses attention quickly if she isn’t interested in the subjects. Fart jokes are always funny no matter how old you are, so this one is a bonus! My 8yr old read it cover to cover, and thoroughly enjoyed it! Thanks for a great book to keep the kids’ attention and make them smile/laugh!

– RichieRich

3. Flora and the Flamingo

by Molly Idle

“Flora and the Flamingo” by Molly Idle is an interesting choice for your young ones, and one of the most unique flamingo books for kids on the market. That’s because it has no words at all. Instead, a beautiful story is told through this unique picture book: the journey of a small girl, the eponymous Flora, who learns to dance with the help of a flamingo. The illustrations are joyous, and tell a moving story purely through the images on the page. Kids simply love to follow Flora as she learns to dance with the flamingo… leading to a touching, if unlikely friendship.

Why is “Flora and the Flamingo” a Beautiful Flamingo Book for Kids?

Kids will be enchanted by the stunning illustrations and the touching story of friendship.

When I was a little girl I took ballet. I loved the grace, the extensions, the leaps. I looked in the mirror and saw long limbs, arches where they should be, strength and grace. It was a wonderful time of my life and I wanted so badly to be a dancer. The mirror reflect a pudgy, dimpled little girl. Short arms and legs, clumsy and awkward. But that didn’t matter, I formed a life long love of the art that I shared with both my Mother and sons. I think I looked a bit like Flora. Flora and Flamingo unfold like a silent movie, deep and beautiful. The two unlike dancers mirror each other in a synchronized partnership from the graceful to the absurd. Handy pull out flaps tell a story of companionship, friendship and a bit of healthy competition. A lovely book, it is a welcome addition to my own library. Flora and the Flamingo tell the story that anyone can be a dancer- grace like beauty comes from within. As my granddaughters take their own first ballet lesson, they will each get their own!

– Carole P. Roman

4. “Fussy Flamingo”

by Shelly Vaughan James

“Fussy Flamingo” by Sarah Vaughan James is a vibrant, engaging flamingo book for kids that teaches young readers about the importance of trying new things. This story follows a young flamingo, Lola, who is very particular about what she eats (no shrimp, thank you very much). Accompanied by some interesting facts about flamingos, the story of Lola is particularly resonant with parents who know the struggle of introducing variety all too well… but it’s perfect for their little fussy eaters too.

Why is “Fussy Flamingo” a Fun Flamingo Book for Kids?

If pretty pictures are your thing, this is one of the best flamingo books for kids you can find. Your children will love the vibrant illustrations and an important lesson about trying new things.

We got this for our very own picky eater! It’s story is so fun to read and is beautifully illustrated. My toddlers both love the flamingos, although I’m not sure they grasp the idea to try new foods just yet it’s still a great book to have on repeat.

– irisheyed

5. “The Foodie Flamingo

by Vanessa Howl

“The Foodie Flamingo” by Vanessa Howl is a delightful picture book that has two noble purposes: to teach kids to love flamingos… and food! The importance of healthy eating is a key message, but it’s told in an engaging way through the main character, Frankie, a flamingo who is tired of eating shrimps. With pleasant illustrations provided by Pablo Pino, and including some excellent tips for expanding culinary horizons, “The Foodie Flamingo” is one of the lesser-known flamingo books for kids but one that could nonetheless prove a welcome addition to your bookshelf.

Why is “The Foodie Flamingo” a Great Flamingo Book for Kids?

Your kids will love the vibrant illustrations and the important lessons about eating.

What a great book! My kids, ages 5 and 8, both love it. The 5-year-old wanted to read it 4-5 times the first day we got it, and the 8-year-old is fascinated by the “How To Be A Foodie” tips in the back. (They’re great tips – for adults too.) It’s a gentle, colorful story that encourages joy and culinary exploration.

– Unknown Amazon Customer

6. “Mingo the Flamingo”

by Pete Oswald

“Mingo the Flamingo” was written and illustrated by the accomplished Pete Oswald and is an inspiring story about a flamingo who, having crash landed in the snow of Siberia with a broken wing, desperately seeks a way to reunite with the rest of his flock. With the help and training of some new Siberian friends, he (eventually) does exactly that: but not without a few mishaps on the way. 

Pete Oswald is a seasoned children’s illustrator, credited with bringing titles like “The Bad Seed,” “The Good Egg,” “The Cool Bean,” “The Couch Potato,” and “The Smart Cookie”. However, we think “Mingo the Flamingo”, one of the best flamingo books for kids out there and may well be the best of the lot.

Why is “Mingo the Flamingo” an Inspirational Flamingo Book for Kids?

Your kids will be inspired by the story’s message of self-confidence and the beautiful illustrations that bring it to life.

I bought this for my flamingo obsessed 2 year old and it is such a cute story about an unlikely group of animals banding together to get a little flamingo back home after a terrible storm during his first flight South. I also like the art style that makes the pink stand out so strongly against the grays and whites.

–  Kate Pischke

7. “Felipe the Flamingo”

by Jill Ker Conway

“Felipe the Flamingo” by Jill Ker Conway is a genuinely touching story and a true hidden gem on this list of the best flamingo books for kids. Felipe himself is a young flamingo who starts the story with a big problem: he was left behind after his flock migrated to find more food. Yet, despite these unfortunate beginnings, the rest of this kids flamingo book is a true story of hope that can warm even the coldest hearts. With the care and love of other creatures on the river, Felipe is eventually grown enough to join the flock and his family.

Why is “Felipe the Flamingo” a Lovely Flamingo Book for Kids?

Your kids will love the colorful illustrations and the extremely tender story of Felipe’s journey home, which makes it one of the best flamingo books for kids out there.

I bought this for my flamingo obsessed 2 year old and it is such a cute story about an unlikely group of animals banding together to get a little flamingo back home after a terrible storm during his first flight South. I also like the art style that makes the pink stand out so strongly against the grays and whites.

–  Karen E Taylor

8. “Sylvie”

by Jennifer Sattler

“Sylvie” by Jennifer Sattler is a heartwarming story about a flamingo who just wants to be herself. Sylvie loves to do things her own way, especially when it comes to experimenting with her appearance through eating different types of food. With the help of some supportive friends, Sylvie learns to embrace her uniqueness and be true to herself. With colorful, playful, and humorous illustrations by the author Jennifer Sattler herself, “Sylvie” is among the perfect flamingo books for kids who sometimes feel like they don’t fit in.

Why is “Sylvie” a Heartwarming Flamingo Book for Kids?

Your kids will love the colorful illustrations and the important message of being true to yourself.

Svlvie is a cute book about loving who you are! What a fun story for young kids to hear. This story is about a little flamingo who learned how she is pink (by eating shrimp). After learning that, she started to eat everything she saw to see if she could be that color/pattern. In the end, she realized she wanted to be like her old self. It’s nice for students to hear that, it also was silly and had my students laughing. I also like how it taught my students a random cool fact – how flamingos are pink!

–  The Reality B

9. “Four Furious Flamingos”

by Kelly Bourne

“Four Furious Flamingos” by Kelly Bourne – unlike many of the other flamingo books for kids on this list – isn’t a story about flamingos as such. However, given its excellent illustrations and extremely important pedagogical message, we thought we’d include it anyway. “Four Furious Flamingos” is in fact a counting book that aims to acclimatize children with the different emotions they experience in their young lives: helping them to understand the feeling and develop coping strategies around it. As such, it’s a must-have on your family bookshelf.

Why is “Four Furious Flamingos” a Valuable Flamingo Book for Kids?

Your kids will love the valuable life lessons in “Four Furious Flamingos” that are key to their learning and emotional development.

This book is a great way to introduce little kids to emotions and spark conversations about an important topic. Kids and parents will love the beautiful and detailed illustrations.

–  Taenia Saginata

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