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A Very Special Flamingo

A Very Special Flamingo is a kids flamingo book by Thomas George, with Sandra Unterkircher. It follows a flamingo – Hans-Peter – on his journey to self acceptance: from the cold river, in the grey town, on the green island, to a place he can finally call home. 

As Thomas George’s first children’s book, A Very Special Flamingo is available to purchase on Amazon, which enables shipping worldwide.

About Us

About Thomas George

Thomas George is a writer who was born on the banks of the Medway in the UK: a cold river, in a grey town, on a green island, just like the one at the start of Hans-Peter’s journey. 

Although he has penned many things over the course of an interesting and varied career, writing about flamingos is Thomas’ favorite thing to do. He lives in Vienna, Austria, with his daughter Petra and her two pet rats – Carrot and Olive – who asked to be mentioned on this page. 

About Sandra Unterkircher

Sandra Unterkircher is a designer who illustrates A Very Special Flamingo. Although she was born and raised on a snowy mountain in Austria (and as such has very little conception of the sea or its islands) she is sure that they are very nice places to visit. 

Sandra also lives in Vienna, where she designs professional looking software in the day and draws enigmatic flamingos at night.


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